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Family Integration Workshop

Family Integration Workshops are customized to meet the individual family needs, whether it is struggles with substance abuse, loss of a loved one, divorce, or disasters of any magnitude that brought on the despair.

This workshop offers a place of healing for the family as a whole.  The family roles and patterns are identified.  This learning often brings awareness that may have historical origins and transcend multiple generations in bringing understanding to the family problems.  Understanding of the pattern is a helpful step towards resolution and healing. 

Communication is facilitated to clear the past pain and create a new future of compassion and realization while negotiating difficult areas.  There is relief for the family in supporting integration of each individual and the family as a whole.

When the family feels like it is falling apart and disintegrating, it is an opportunity to forgive, pick up the pieces and integrate them into a wholeness that is new, inspiring, supportive, and real.

Working with the family together provides the space for creative revision in the present moment.  The real family members are facilitated to value each individual while sorting through painful situations where support for everyone’s feelings and viewpoint is a key in healing.

The Family Integration Workshops facilitate:

    Clearing past hurts
    Healing broken relationships
    Creating healthy communication
    Gaining insight in the family dynamics
    Building a supportive and trusting environment
    Learning the tools to resolve conflicts
    Enriching the connections
    Renewing love

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Family Workshop Participant Comments:

Susan Powell has been instrumental to our post-divorce recovery work for my ex-wife and me.  We would not be the functioning co-parents we are without Susan's wise counsel.  By design, our young son is the biggest winner, as she skillfully guided us as his parents through our pain to a place where priorities are defined and cooperation abounds. 

In our family work Susan was very discerning and able to bring us each individually and as a group into deeper understanding and sincere forgiveness with one another. It was a tremendous time of healing and has drawn us closer to one another. – Janet