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Give me a candle of the spirit as I go down into the depth of my own knowingness.
Show me the hidden things. Take me down to the spring of my life.
Tell me my nature and my name. Give me the freedom to grow
So that I may be all of who I am
The fullfillment of the seed
planted in me at my making

Centerwood is located in the beautiful Hill Country of Central Texas just west of Austin. The natural setting creates a quiet peaceful surrounding for hearing the wisdom found within each of us in seeking our own path to wholeness. The beauty of the oak trees and wildflowers inspires the healing of the spirit.

The Hill Country residential retreat setting at Centerwood nurtures the soul whether you are here for personal growth or psychodrama training. Group participants enjoy hiking on the land, sitting around the campfire, and lounging on the porch in community with each other.  

Centerwood Centerwood

The physical structures are designed in harmony with the earth. This residential retreat setting is alternative ecosystem friendly and utilizes rainwater collection, solar power, and recycled building materials.

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