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Psychodrama and Sociometry Training Workshops

Psychodrama Training Workshops are didactic and experiential in teaching the theoretical and practical understanding of the methods of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy.  The techniques learned can be used as an action method with groups, families, couples, and with individuals.  Training workshops provide a safe and supportive environment in which to experience the various parts of a psychodrama enactment while learning about overall group process and socimetry.

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Who attends Psychodrama Training Workshops?  Practicing professionals and students in the areas of mental health, counseling, recovery, social work services, nursing, occupational therapy, creative arts therapy, pastoral counseling, lawyers, life coaches, or any helping profession attend psychodrama trainings.  Many who attend want to expand their professional methods knowledge and do not intend on becoming certified in Psychodrama.

Psychodrama and Sociometry Training Workshops are an experiential action method of psychotherapy that allows participants to find their lost spontaneity by discovering the underlying messages acquired from life experience and re-thinking and re-feeling them. The purpose is to get free from the things that constrain our energy and keep us from living our lives as fully and richly as possible. In the process of doing psychodrama, we often find connection with other people at a level we missed having in our families that is very healing. Action methods are as powerful as you make them creating a safe way to heal the past, revitalize your own life and envision the future.

Jacob L. Moreno, M.D., was inspired to create Psychodrama in the early 1900s in Vienna by watching children play and observing them resolving problems by acting in different roles.  Psychodrama literally comes from the root words ‘psyche’ meaning soul and ‘drama’ meaning action, ‘the soul in action’.

Psychodrama Training Workshops provide an on-going connection with other professionals in the group process giving the opportunity to move to a new level of understanding, clarity, and integration in an experientially-based learning environment.

Psychodrama Training Groups allow for:

Greater sociometry exploration and exercises
Better understanding and awareness of 'tele' connections
Increased group trust and safety for in-depth personal work
Richer teaching pieces in building on prior skills and experiences
More opportunity for student directing experience and access to auxiliary roles
Learning models for healing trauma, grief, dreams, future projections, system patterns...
Greater understanding of the history and philosophy, including Moreno's world view Increase processing of therapeutic methodology, feedback, and group leading skills
Peer support and supervision including ethical concerns
Teaching focused on the spiritual foundation, history, philosophy, sociometry, role theory, and models for action, including...

1st Universe Developmental Theory
Diamond of Opposites
Sociodynamic Effect
Canon of Creativity
Sociometric Cycle
Hollander Curve
Social Atom

Psychodrama Workshop schedule...

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Psychodrama Training Participant Comments:

Susan Powell As a trainer, Susan has a unique ability to connect with both the experienced therapist and eager beginner. She can teach highly complex systems in a way that is practical and meaningful to each individual present. – Elizabeth Robertson

Susan’s belief in this process inspires me to learn more and to be warmed-up to changing my life. She knows psychodrama and she understands what makes a difference in people's lives. It is an honor to be a student in her group.  Tedd Moorehouse

Susan is an empathetic, insightful and first class trainer. – Gerald Carter

Susan is a spiritually gifted teacher.  She is a natural intuitive and instrument of healing. I am grateful to have Susan as my trainer. -
Tanya Rigg

Susan is highly skilled in Psychodrama. Beyond that, she has a unique ability to center and connect with a participant and with a group that brings dimensions to her work that I have not found in other trainings. -
Tanya Manslank