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Psychodrama Workshop for Personal and Professional Growth

is an experiential action method of psychotherapy that allows participants to find their lost spontaneity by discovering the underlying messages acquired from life experience and re-thinking and re-feeling them. The purpose is to get free from the things that constrain our energy and keep us from living our lives as fully and richly as possible. In the process of doing psychodrama, we often find connection with other people at a level we missed having in our families that is very healing. Action methods are as powerful as you make them creating a safe way to heal the past, revitalize your own life and envision the future.

Jacob L. Moreno, M.D., was inspired to create Psychodrama in the early 1900s in Vienna by watching children play and observing them resolving problems by acting in different roles.  Psychodrama literally comes from the root words ‘psyche’ meaning soul and ‘drama’ meaning action, ‘the soul in action’.

Psychodrama provides the opportunity to move to a new level of understanding, clarity, and integration in an experientially-based learning environment.  For More Information...

Psychodrama Workshops are for:

~ Resolving inner conflicts
~ Healing grief or loss of a loved one
~ Letting go of limiting behavior patterns
~ Increasing self-love and strengthen acceptance
~ Releasing feelings of depression and anxiety
~ Building healthy and nurturing relationships
~ Exploring and integrating life transitions
~ Discovering creativity and spontaneity
~ Clarifying life path dreams and goals

Continuing Education Units for therapists and counselors and Psychodrama Training Credits offered for this workshop. For more CEU info…

Psychodrama Workshop Participant Comments:

It has been such a gift to work with Susan.  I have met and been associated with many healers, but I have never met anyone that carries the many gifts of insight, guidance, integrity, and caring that she does.  The Psychodrama Workshop literally took me out of the depths of despair and set me back on track towards becoming my true self.  Thank you!  – Larry

Susan is a dynamic healer who safely practices the art of psychodrama with love, compassion, wisdom, trust and an incredible knowledge of recovery. - Paul

Centerwood is a peaceful sanctuary where one can gain clarity, insight and wisdom to move from pain to freedom. Susan is a gentle warrior. Her passion and love soothes you and her diligence and wisdom fights with you every step to break free from any dysfunctional pattern or life hurt. – Elizabeth