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Relationship Building Workshop

Relationship Building Workshop brings together the components of creating a happy connection between two individual people. This workshop is offered in a small group setting with several couples or as a single couple needing individual support. The desire for a loving intimate relationship is deep within the soul. And yet the struggles of intimacy so often seem to consume our energy.


This workshop brings relationship support for:

      - Qualities in a healthy relationship
      - Creating meaningful communication
      - Tools for building intimacy and resolving conflict
      - Changing relationship myths and their childhood origins
      - Opportunities for resolution of past painful experiences
      - Components of building and sustaining trust
      - Characteristics of a conscious relationship
      - Envisioning the future together
Relationship Building

In this experiential teaching workshop whether as a small group of couples or with just you and your partner, you will receive a new perspective for the intimacy that you desire, an understanding of the spiritual connection, and the tools to build a loving relationship.

Relationship Building Workshop Participant Comments:

Susan can get to the core of an interpersonal conflict, and initiate lasting resolution quite quickly. Her style is insightful and caring. She is a gem in her field. - Jason