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True Nature Spirituality Retreats

True Nature Retreats celebrate the seven Rites of Passage through the use of expressive arts in a series of experiential workshops. Each retreat workshop focuses on the healing of a Rite of Passage in the Lakota Way. The healing power of Lakota Native American rituals creates connection with your true identity and harmony with the Earth. This honors and reclaims your life path in the Circle of Wholeness of your True Self.

Seven Rites of Passage:

1. Celebrate Life  -  Rite to Be  - Sweat Lodge

2. Creating Self Nurture – Rite to have Needs – Medicine Wheel

3. Understanding your Dreams – Rite to Separate – Dreamtime

4. Honoring the Voice Within – Rite to Speak your Truth – Talking Stick

5. Creating Support – Rite to Autonomy with Support – Medicine Bundle

6. Connecting with Transformation – Rite to Love – Moonlodge

7. Seeking Personal Spirituality – Rite to Spiritual Beliefs – Vision Quest

True Nature Retreat

True Nature True Nature Retreat

True Nature Retreats are for:

   ~ Seeking self-identity and validating worth

   ~ Receiving healing and catalyzing change

   ~ Creating friendships and connecting to nature

   ~ Honoring your truth and receiving nurturing support

   ~ Affirming your dreams and clarifying your path

   ~ Experiencing the Lakota way
Angel Tree

Therapists True Nature Spirituality Retreats are co-facilitated by Susan Powell and Eileen ‘Toonie’ Lunderman. Susan is a Psychodrama Trainer and is the Director of Centerwood Psychosocial Services and Psychodrama Training Institute.

Toonie is the Director of Choices Consulting on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota as a Social Worker and is certified in Experiential Therapy. She is a member of the Sicangu Lakota Tribe.

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True Nature Spirituality Retreat participant comments:

This is the first workshop I have ever been to where time to take care of yourself was designed into the day!  I needed and loved it! – Cindy

The spirit lodge ceremony opened my heart. – Fred

I really feel nurtured and inspired.  I came to this retreat skeptical and I leave nourished. – Brenda

This is a powerful tool to create the energy for the pathway of my dreams to come true. – Billy

I feel powerful and deeply affirmed as a woman. – Sherry

Thank you for a most enlightened weekend.  Everything was done in the harmony with the Earth.  Thank you for bringing me back to Mother Earth. - Ellen