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Creating Self Worth Woman’s Retreat
Woman's Retreat Women's Retreat

Creating Self Worth Woman's Retreat provides a nurturing environment and loving support essential for creating self worth. We will come together in this residential retreat in community as women affirming that being real rather than perfect is a route to happiness and joy.

Self worth and love are the foundational structures for inner contentment.  This retreat leads to a more compassionate relationship with your self. Your fears and destructive behaviors are not authentically who you are. True healing and recovery is when your inside feelings of loving kindness match the outside you.

Each morning will begin with meditation supporting being fully present with loving-kindness.  The natural setting will be woven into the flow of each day.  Meals will be provided in building community in honoring our heritage as women.  Activities and teachings will be experiential to increase your awareness for the origins of self worth in bringing you to your authentic self with loving support.  Healing is possible to be fully vibrantly alive in all ways in your life.  The evenings will warm your heart sitting in the hot tub or by the campfire.

Centerwood Join us in retreat to:

     Affirm your self worth and true identity
     Find the fun and joy in being a woman
     Experience wholeness while releasing fear and doubt
     Release the blocks to accepting love
     Build a circle of loving support
     Create a life of balance
     Find the fun and joy in being a woman
Creating Self Worth Woman's Retreat will be located at Centerwood in the Texas Hill Country just west of Austin.  The natural setting nurtures a quiet peaceful surrounding for hearing the wisdom found within each of us in seeking our own path to wholeness.  The beauty of the oak trees and flowers inspires the healing of the spirit. Bluebonnet

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Woman's Retreat Participant Comments:

Centerwood has been a great source of healing for me. Susan creates a warm, trust filled environment for repairing the hurts of the world. – Kathy

What a sweet time it is to spend a weekend with ladies that desire to discover how to live life in more freedom. Susan did a wonderful job of guiding us along individual paths to discover who we are as women and what we need to encounter in order to find healing. It was a wonderful weekend of celebrating womanhood! – Janet

The whole weekend was an amazingly refreshing and honest experience.  We bonded as women coming from many different ages, backgrounds, and histories, and I left with a new sense of confidence and peace. - Jana

As an artist, I have never thought I had trouble tapping into my emotions; they have always been pretty close to the surface and readily accessible. At the Women's Retreat, I learned about the phases in my growth and development as a human being that that were either nurtured or denied that formed the follicle from which my emotions grow. Because I attended the retreat with close friends, I also got a deeper insight into my friends as well as making some new friends. Most importantly, Susan was such an open and  gentle, knowledgeable and experienced guide through the processes, I felt the security and confidentiality which is imperative to have intimacy and honesty. Thank you, Susan. - Susan